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CDS now offers Automated Valuation Models (AVM's), and will soon be offering tax return verifications. Please see our services section for more details...

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CDS is a national strategic partner of FIS Flood Services.

Through CDS' online system, our clients have the ability to order flood search and related services at very competitive rates.

About FIS Flood Services
FIS Flood Services has been helping lenders comply with National Flood Insurance Program regulations for over 20 years. Since 2000, FIS Flood has been an endorsed provider of flood compliance services for the National Credit Reporting Association.

FIS Flood's digitized FEMA flood maps are rigorously quality controlled and cover over 100% of all U.S. homes. FIS Flood's high automation rates allow them to offer quick turnaround time.

FIS Flood provides $15,000,000 in Errors and Omissions insurance. The policy goes beyond the $250,000 policy limit of the National Flood Insurance Program and provides up to $15,000,000 in coverage. The policy also provides coverage for consequential damages that may occur.

Products and Services
Along with a comprehensive menu of products and services, FIS Flood provides:

  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • User-friendly technology
  • Rapid turnaround
  • One-size-fits-one customer support

Accurate flood zone determinations protect your business, your clients and your investments. Since not all homes lie clearly inside or outside a flood zone, FIS Flood uses a unique multi-pass system that produces determinations to the insurable structure. FIS Flood delivers more than 99% accuracy by targeting the insurable structure, not the property's boundary lines.

FIS Flood hand-maps properties close to flood zones and uses aerial photographs and surveys, when necessary for verification, rather than automatically using default zones.

Full life-of-loan service keeps lenders in compliance by tracking for FEMA map or community status changes, providing reports and reprocessing if needed to provide an updated zone determination. The coverage is fully transferable should you sell or transfer servicing.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act services assure total solutions for all your HMDA data. These same accurate geographic elements are available through batch processing of loan applications or depository files. FIS Flood can provide complete HMDA geographic elements in HUD-required format, which include codes for state, county, Metropolitan Statistical Area, census tract, and/or Block Numbering Area. These elements can be included with your flood zone determinations or delivered through processing programs scheduled to meet your individual needs.

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