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As a client of CDS,you will be using our online system for pulling mortgage credit. Our system provides ultimate flexibility and control of reports, requests and accounting functions to manage costs …

CDS now offers Automated Valuation Models (AVM's), and will soon be offering tax return verifications. Please see our services section for more details...

Check out recent news updates from CDS to keep current on all our latest offerings and news items. We are doing new things every day, constantly finding new ways to serve you, the customer....



CDS looks forward to serving you and your organization.

To open an account, we require the following documentation to be signed and faxed back to us at 404-303-8260. Please include a copy of your brokers license with the application forms. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly to go over your application and schedule an installation.

Customer Applications
For a new Customer Application please contact CDS directly at 1-800-966-1003

Federal law requires that all CDS clientele download the following document and disseminate to all employees that work with consumer credit reports.
FCRA Guidelines For Users of Consumer Credit Reports

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