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As a client of CDS,you will be using our online system for pulling mortgage credit. Our system provides ultimate flexibility and control of reports, requests and accounting functions to manage costs...

CDS now offers Automated Valuation Models (AVM's), and will soon be offering tax return verifications. Please see our services section for more details...

Check out recent news updates from CDS to keep current on all our latest offerings and news items. We are doing new things every day, constantly finding new ways to serve you, the customer....



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Hawking your private mortgage data

When you get a mortgage rate quote or a pre-approval, you probably assume that your inquiry with the lender is confidential, right? Wrong! Your loan officer may be unaware, but behind his or her back... CLICK FOR MORE >>


CDS Credit Analyzer - Score Analysis Tool

CDS' mission statement for 2004 is to provide new products and services to help our clients decrease their loan processing time and become more profitable. We are pleased to offer CDS Credit Analyzer.

CDS Credit Analyzer is a risk score analysis tool providing the loan officer and the consumer an indication of what actions the consumer could take to improve their risk score... a road map to improving their credit worthiness.

The CDS Credit Analyzer Advantage:

Build Trust

CDS Credit Analyzer can be used as a prospecting tool to earn trust between the loan officer and the consumer by providing direction and a plan the consumer can use to prepare them before applying for their mortgage. You can step beyond the role of traditional sales and enhance your role as trusted advisor. Consumers receive an analysis of their credit standing and a solid explanation of reasons impacting their score. They gain the knowledge that many consumers do not have and appreciate you as a trusted advisor.

Manage Expectations

With approved applications you can manage the consumers expectations. By understanding their credit rating and the magnitude of their financial behavior, they trust and accept offers. This helps reduce their temptation to fall for a sales pitch from another organization making false promises. CDS Credit Analyzer provides context to the process and helps establish trust.

Retain Prospects

With declined applications, CDS Credit Analyzer maximizes your investment time in the consumer by converting more loans, and retaining relationships. You can provide your borrower personalized, detailed suggestions on how they can improve their credit. For those consumers who are out of range for a loan at this time, they will have you, their advisor, providing them a road map to a loan. You have provided a plan of action that will return the consumer to you for a future loan.


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