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CDS partnered with Meridianlink to offer our ultimate flexibility and speed in the management of your credit reporting process.

Specifically designed for credit reporting agencies and other credit reporting institutions, Meridianlink's Mortgage Credit Link (MCL) system is the most versatile, stable, and powerful Web-based credit reporting system available in the market.

The traditional software installation process has been eliminated via our centralized, Web-based system.


MeridianLink's core competency is our technology. We understand that robust systems require sound programming and the utilization of high performance proprietary tools. That is why Research and Development are our programmers' and developers' primary focus. Even our business staff spends a huge amount of time researching specifications to provide the optimal fit between technology and business.

Mortgage Credit Link is built from the ground up using modern technologies that are more robust, reliable, and flexible than the legacy systems that are a nightmare to maintain. In conjunction with MeridianLink's proprietary software library, Mortgage Credit Link uses C++, XML, XSL, SSL, COM, DCOM, DHTML and other advanced technologies. Combining our software and hardware expertise, Mortgage Credit Link uses an enhanced version of load-balancing, redundancy, security, and client-server architecture that provides a safe and reliable system.

What is XML and why should I care?

XML (extensible mark-up language) is MeridianLink's universal solution to system integration. XML allows for easy transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications and organizations. This programming language allows easy communication between loan origination programs, report flexibility, and activity/billing reporting functionality.

How secure is your system?

TruSecure certification ensures regular security audits and notification of security holes; having TruSecure certification is the minimum requirement to provide credit data over the Internet. Meridianlink, however, goes beyond the "minimum requirements". In addition to TruSecure certification, we have implemented our own proprietary encryption module and dual firewalls to secure data storage. When it comes to Internet security, you want people who are knowledgeable and experienced with Internet technologies to be maintaining your system!

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